Friday, October 12, 2012

A few vintage-inspired items made for a vintage-inspired wedding ...

Now, I must say that none of the original ideas were my own.  My friend Mandy, the Bride, told or showed me what she wanted and I went to work.  She, along with her mother, father, sisters, friends, etc. also did a lot of amazing work to make this wedding amazing and full of personal touches.
 Instead of handing out programs at the ceremony, there was a large frame that had a chalkboard painted cardboard background.  I used the Chalkboard Markers mentioned in my previous post and got to work on this.  I must say that I loved how it turned out! 
 This gift table was eventually moved into the ballroom/reception area.  Coca-cola crates, different sized mason jars and vintage suitcases made this a perfect touch for the theme.
 Here, you can see more vintage Coca-Cola crates, mason jars, mason jar cupcakes and even a tray like the one I previously featured (chalkboard paint tray)  in the left hand corner. =) 
CARDS banner for the card box on the gift table.
This was how I set it up at the wedding.  I believe she bought these luggage pieces at a vintage shop in Colorado.  The skeleton key was a vintage-inspired key.
Mandy and her parents did all of the work on these mason jars and place cards.  Great idea right??  I just wanted to show off another little tray in the upper corner there.  They painted these and I used those fabulous markers on it. =)  Lots of different shapes and sizes at the Dollar Tree!
This banner made by me was hand-lettered and used as a photo prop.  I used heavy-duty scrapbook cardstock, white chalkboard paint marker, black Sharpie marker and twine.

There's inspiration everywhere!  For purchasing information, you can email me or find me here on facebook or here at Etsy.

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