Monday, March 2, 2009

Creativity Project...Day 2's March 2nd and I am busy, busy!! However, I did get to create this cute little mailbox for an Etsy client who teaches early music education. I hope she likes it!
Paper says Music Time and has all sorts of music related words.

It was a friend's birthday, so I gave her this jar full of her favorite candies and a couple of gift cards. I did add ribbon and stuff later, of course. =]

I am feeling like I really need to get out my supplies and get messy. I've had the "feeling" for a while, but it's just been hard to get some me time where I can play. Know what I mean? I can sit at my craft table as much as I want. I make things, I fill orders, but I am talking about getting in the zone - no interruptions - just time to be me with my crafts! It'll come soon. It has to!

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Anonymous said...

both of these are too cute, send the two little ones out here for a while seriously