Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joy Box for Andrea!

My blogging friend and sister in Christ offered up a Joy Box for one of her commenter to celebrate her 100th post. You can read about it HERE.
Andrea was the winner and so I got in contact with her and I put together a box that I hope she will really find JOY in!
Thank you, Lisa for your confidence in my handy work, but mostly for your inspirational words.


LisaShaw said...

OOOOOO SO BEAUTIFUL! I had sent you an email before coming over here to visit so I see it is all done and as beautiful as I knew it would be. You are so gifted by the Lord. Love ya.

Andrea said...

I LOVE my box! Thank you so much! I have had fun looking through it and reading all the great quotes and scriptures!
Thank you again and thank you Lisa! ;o)
God Bless you sister!