Thursday, September 9, 2010

Art journaling...

I can't think of a time in my life when I didn't keep a diary or journal of some sort. I've always been addicted to doodling, dabbling in my own version of artful expression, name it. I've got stacks of notebooks and journals filled with my words, woeful tales, poems, quotes, thoughts, doodles...
I just recently joined a couple Yahoo groups so that I could connect with others all over the world that were interested in this very same thing. I've started to pull out art pads, journals, paints and old magazines again and I've been kind of on a journey I guess...just playing, thinking, praying, being... I'm having fun, but more importantly, I'm finding that I missed doing this. I think facebook has kind of hogged up my blogging/journaling time. Don't get me started about my quiet time and prayer. Ha. Thank the good Lord, I saw that very early on and didn't let it get in the way, but now I am doing what I love again.
I'm going to post a few pages here and there. I won't want to share all of them on here...but I will post some from time to time.
Some of these were inspired by journal prompts from the groups or on-line ideas....

Stress Management: Just a few things that help me to unwind. I thought this was a better page to post than Stress Makers: the things that set me off! haha.
**Acrylic paints, gesso, gel medium, gel pen, magazine media.

Don't Skip Dessert: This one was inspired by a journal prompt to simply paint an ice cream cone in our journal. Then I read a FB status of a friend and I decided to journal my thoughts about it.
**Acrylics, gesso, gel medium, magazine media, Sharpie marker, rubber stamp and SU ink

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