Friday, September 10, 2010

Look what you could win!!!

And if you don't can order! =) Here is a giveaway that I am really excited about. My friend Lindsay over at The Menagerie of Craftiness is doing her first giveaway!! You KNOW I love pumpkins, but how adorable is this hat??? I want one for myself. =) Head over to her blog and check it out. She's so talented. Lot's of unique, quality items.

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Leaon Mary said...

I enjoyed the site you shared! The hat is really cute isn't it?! I think I'll make those muffins in jars and decorate them for one of our bible studies?? Mmmmm they look yummy especially with the cream cheese frosting. I always think of those mints you made a year or more ago and used the punch to decorate them? I bought a punch so I think I could buy some autumn fabric and jazz up some jars like that!! Thanks for the sweet inspiration Sherry!! Oh and LOVE that profile pic of you and your COFFEE!!! I'm HOPING I get to get my first of the season tomorrow night. lol I'll say CHEERS SHERRY when I have my first sip.