Monday, October 4, 2010

Out thrifting...

...and look what I found!! Well, before I get into what I found, let me first say that I am so thankful for a husband that totally understands my need to "get away" and just do what I need or WANT to do once in a while. As a mother of four children under the age of 14, it is hard to find "ME" time. Know what I mean? It's an even bigger need for me now that I am staying home with my youngest. He is the joy of my life, but let's face it, he is THREE years old. I've got to be eye-balling him every minute of the day or there could be catastrophe. Besides that, I really think he needs more of my attention than ever right now.
So, my husband said that we should schedule in some time a couple times a week where he would totally take responsibility for the kids, the house, whatever and I could go do what I do. Wow! Thank you sweet man! He's a dream, right??? =) Well, I am a simple woman and me having time to myself means that I get to go to my favorite little thrift stores, yard sales, antique shops - without little hands to pick up everything along the way and recklessly chuck it back to the shelf when I say "no, no!"... Sometimes, it just means going to get a coffee at the bookstore and take my sweet time looking at whatever I want... whatever. It's MY time.
So this Saturday, don't rush me!...I'm getting to it.... This Saturday, I only had about $14 that I wanted to spend as I hunted down some yard sales and church rummage sales. I like setting a price that's $20 or under and that makes it a challenge, but keeps me from bringing home just any old thing that catches my eye.
The three things that I am posting about were all found at a multi-family yard sale. About 20 families lined the street with their goods and I was in heaven.
I got these two adorable silver spoons for 10 cents a piece!! These are going to be altered in some way and you are going to see them again...although you might not recognize them next time. haha!

Then I came across this grapevine pumpkin and pear. They're huge! $3 for the pair. I am thinking on putting some white lites in them and keeping them inside my front door. You know how I love my fall decor all year long! =D
Lastly, my find of the day or month or year...haha are these vintage SCRABBLE games!! I have been watching these on ebay, but the shipping for them just make it too much for me. I really just wanted the racks and tiles. You know what I want them for!! For my art room and my altered art!! I got them for $2 a game. I was so happy.

I also got some books for 25 cents a piece...always a good find for me. I can't wait to show you all what I come up with for these new found treasures. Any good finds for you lately? I need to know what all to keep my eye out for - so tell me!!


Rita A. said...

Wow, you did good. I had a ball yard selling in Washington. Those small towns are great. Lots of fabric bits. I've found some pieces of upholstery fabric at the thrift store that I'm going to experiment with. I hope to find more bits of lace and such. And old maps.

Leaon Mary said...

Looks like you found some great deals girl! Those spoons are really pretty! Are the punkins all lit up now? I'm thrilled you found some scrabble games! Yeeehaaaaa!!!
Days are getting shorter..... IT'S TIME TO CRAFT! Glad you're gonna be getting a little more time to play!