Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Post Card Swap Received!

Do you remember the Halloween Post Card swap that I talked about HERE? Well, I just got back four post cards in return and I love them. This swap was prompted. That means there were certain elements that we all had to include. I love seeing everybody else's take on the assignment. I also love that our hostess, Sarah, is always so generous about tucking in a little goody for us. =) Well...let's see what I've got!

This one came from Elayne in Texas. I love all the texture and the clay moon.

This one is from Stacy. I love the stitched on ribbon and the detailed memory on back. The paper even felt velvety.

I love the bling and glitter on this one. I also like how she used bubble wrap (I think) to stamp some texture onto the card. This one was from Kim.

Okay, is this one creepy or what??? I love the tree stamp and the orange and black background on this one. Also love the glittery spider in the corner. *shiver* Thanks Lyn!

Here's what Sarah threw in 'cause she's cool like that. So fun!
I would love for some of us to do some kind of swap!! Who's interested??


Traci said...

I'm always too chicken to swap.. I feel like my stuff won't be as good as the person that I swap with.. I know it's an awful way to look at it but I'd hate to disappoint someone!

That said, I'm always super envious of the stuff that gets swapped!

Unknown said...

Cool cards,can I ask how you get your text to scroll while the background is static I remember having been there but cant remember where I saw the setting,you have a really cool blog,are you using minima?I couldnt get my post dividers to show?